The software tool

The Future Health Today tool consists of a Dashboard, Point of Care support, resources and guidelines. Future developments will include reporting and quality improvement functionality. Together these components enhance the identification and management of chronic disease in general practice settings by enabling proactive screening and early intervention, and providing the means to capture and record improvement over time.

The Future Health Today software is installed on a single practice workstation. It extracts data from the Practice Management Software database on a nightly basis, processes the data locally (the data does not leave the practice) applying Future Health Today algorithms and categorises the results. These results are displayed on the Point of Care and Dashboard.

The Point of Care application is installed on each clinician’s computer and enables rapid, individualised care management. When open, the Point of Care tool provides a recommendation regarding a patient’s health status and management options, and facilitates shared decision making between practitioner and patient.

Point of care features:
– In session, on screen recommendations for individual patients, with suggestions for the GP to consider further testing, diagnosis, treatment and management
– Opens automatically when EMR is opened
– Alerts GP to waiting recall approvals

The Dashboard enables a global view of patient health status (as it relates to specific chronic health conditions) across the general practice. A unique function of the Dashboard is the ability to set up a cohort of patients that can be tracked over time for quality improvements and can be set up to suit practice requirements. You can choose how to view patient information, including by: risk category; demographic characteristics; MBS item numbers; a previously saved search/filter; and through a range of other options.

There is also a recall authorisation process to ensure that a patient’s usual doctor agrees with and authorises the recall of that patient.

Dashboard features:
– Snapshot of patient records highlighting those who are at risk of chronic disease and require diagnostic testing and investigation, those who require review for a possible diagnosis and those who require a review of their chronic disease management
– Cohort identification and management
– Easily interfaces with practice recall systems through downloadable csv files
– Recall authorisation process

Resources and guidelines
– Links to clinical guidelines and consumer resources for patients

Quality improvement
– Education, activities and reports to facilitate quality improvement, linked to CPD requirements