Shining a light on chronic disease

General practitioners (GPs) are ideally placed to identify patients at risk of, or in the early stages of, chronic disease and to implement prevention and early intervention efforts to reduce disease progression and subsequent hospitalisation.

On average, 85% of Australians visit their GP at least once every year and 2 million visit a GP each week.

Data which can identify patients at risk of developing, or who already have, chronic disease are already collected and held within general practice electronic medical records (EMRs).

To date, existing approaches have not curbed the dramatic rise in chronic disease, the most pervasive health issue affecting Australians.

The successful creation and implementation of the Future Health Today technology will facilitate earlier detection of chronic conditions, improved aging and increases in wellbeing for those living with chronic disease. It is anticipated that this will result in reduced health care costs nationally and improve quality of life for Australians.