How it works

Future Health Today is a technology platform which is co-designed with end-users to support optimised care for patients at risk of, or diagnosed with, chronic diseases in general practice.

The platform utilises innovative technology and primary care data to optimise appropriate testing, diagnosis, treatment and management by providing proactive clinical decision support for primary care practitioners and their patients.

It uses data from patient records to automate the identification of patients who: a) are at risk of chronic disease; b) have a chronic disease but no recorded diagnosis; or, c) are living with chronic disease and may benefit from optimised management.

The tool provides guideline concordant care recommendations relating to the identification and management of chronic diseases including chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and will be expanded in the future to include additional chronic conditions.

Program of work

A robust program of work underpins the platform and consists of quality improvement opportunities, consumer resources, general practice and consumer advisory groups and significant research capability and experience.
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Software tool

The Future Health Today tool consists of a Dashboard, Point of Care support, resources and guidelines. Read more…


Seventeen health professionals and five consumers participated in co-design sessions to conceptualise the technology platform for Future Health Today. Read more…