General practice update

November 2020
Seeking patients for interview

It is great to see so many practices using FHT.   As you start to recall patients for CKD testing, detection or CKD cardiovascular risk management, please consider asking these patients, where appropriate, if they would like to talk to the FHT research team about their experience in being recalled to your practice.  At this time, all interviews would be conducted via phone.

The intention of these interviews is to understand the patient experience of chronic disease care in general practice, their preferences for care in the future including how practices communicate with patients, and how patients feel about the use of Future Health Today and technology generally to inform the care that they receive.

Please note that it is not necessary for patients to be aware that FHT was utilised in relation to the visit at the time of the visit. Patients will be reimbursed with a $50 Coles gift voucher for their time.  A copy of the Plain Language Statement can be found here.

If any of your patients are interested in participating in an interview, please email Natalie:

Program extension

As a result of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have extended the optimisation project timelines until May 31 2021. This will give practices more time to use FHT as a part of normal activities, contribute to the qualitative feedback and, if you would like, complete a small audit activity using FHT. It will also provide the opportunity for practices to access the new disease modules soon to be added to the FHT platform, and to attend ECHO sessions on cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease which will be released in the coming months.

Each participating practice will have received an email from Natalie Lumsden with details regarding this extension of the project. If your practice would like to continue to assist in the optimisation of FHT into 2021, please update the service agreement Natalie has provided with the new end date (31 May 2021) and return via email: Please contact Natalie directly if you have not received an email with these details.

FHT ECHO session – Matters of the heart: identifying and managing cardiovascular disease risk 

University of Melbourne: Project ECHO
7-8pm, 19 November – last session for 2020

This event, delivered in partnership with the Heart Foundation, is for GPs and practice nurses interested in identifying people at high CVD risk and implementing systems to reduce that risk. Join with us to learn about the new Heart Foundation Tool Kit, the Life! Program and what our colleagues in general practice are doing to tackle the leading cause of death in Australia: coronary heart disease.

Software update

Upcoming update: Point of Care
Due to overwhelming feedback we have made some changes to the point of care so that clickable items are easier to identify. A query function will also be added to enable streamlined submission of queries about recommendations to the FHT tech team. These changes are due for release late November.

New content: Education tab
The Education tab on the FHT Dashboard has recently been updated. If you hover over the tab it will provide two options: Education and How to use FHT.

Under Education you will find an educational module about CKD, APNA resources for improving data in your EMR, and a FHT Quality Improvement Activity guide.

Under How to Use FHT you can now find a series of short training videos on You-Tube for those who would like a refresher (or introduction) on how to use the various components of FHT. Each video runs for between two and four minutes. User guides can also be found on this tab.

New content: Resources tab
The latest disease management guidelines are available under this tab, and will continue to be updated as new guidelines become available. Remember, you can also link directly to the relevant section of a guideline from the recommendation in the FHT Point of Care tool.

Filter by MBS items
The cohort tool (available on the dashboard) has now been updated to enable filtering by MBS items.

Clinical tip

A reminder that clicking on the X on the FHT Point of Care tool will close it until you actively reopen it. If you would like to close the FHT Point of Care for one patient, but have it alert you for subsequent patients, consider minimising the tool by clicking the minimise icon (-) rather than clicking the close icon (X).

If the FHT Point of Care has disappeared from your screen, first check the system tray to reopen the FHT Point of Care. To do this:
1) click on the system tray icon to open the system tray
2) click on the FHT icon (see gold circles bottom right).

If the FHT icon is not visible in the system tray please contact


For any technical support regarding the FHT software please email:

For all other enquires please contact your FHT coordinator, Natalie Lumsden – email: or call: 0466 418 183.