Co-design process

Future Health Today has been designed by primary care for primary care. Co-design has been integral.

The process was initially undertaken during phase one of the project when a diverse team with researcher expertise, general practice and specialist clinical expertise, health informatics and software development expertise worked with health professionals and consumers/patients to explore:
1. What are the key components of a technology platform used in general practices to implement quality improvement activities for chronic disease?
2. What are the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of the Future Health Today technology platform in general practice?

Two groups of participants were recruited to participate in the development of the Future Health Today platform:
1. A general practice staff panel, including general practitioners (GPs), practice nurses and practice managers.
2. A consumer panel, made up of consumers who attend general practice.

The panels provided input into the development of the Future Health Today platform, ensuring that it met clinical need and could be incorporated into the general practice workflow.

Future Health Today has ensured the continued input of primary care and patients through the facilitation of advisory groups.