Chronic disease in Australia

Chronic disease is common in Australia and multi-morbidity (the co-occurrence of more than one chronic disease in an individual) is the norm. In 2014-15, in excess of 11 million Australians were estimated to have at least one of eight selected chronic diseases, and one-quarter of the population had two or more of them.

The burden of chronic disease has a significant impact, not only for individuals, but also on the healthcare system and overall productivity. Chronic disease contributes to approximately three-quarters of the total non-fatal burden of disease in Australia and contributes to more than one in three potentially preventable hospital admissions in Australia. Chronic disease was the cause of 70 per cent of deaths in 2013.

Early intervention offers the opportunity to change the course of these chronic diseases. Future Health Today will be delivered at scale into the primary care health system, driving systemic and cultural changes to clinical practice.